Long Beach Heartwell Fastpitch


2012 Central League Fall Ball


Umpire Fees and Softballs


The home teams are responsible for scheduling umpires at their facilities.

Each team is responsible for paying one-half (1/2) of the umpire fees.


Teams who do not show up for a scheduled game, or who do not give sufficient advance notice, so umpires can be
cancelled, will be responsible for all umpire fees.


Umpire fees are not to exceed $45.00 per umpire. Any league, whose umpires require a higher fee than approved, will be
responsible for the extra fee.


Teams will pay umpires in full before the start of the game.


The scheduling of umpires for the various divisions will be as follows:


8u One Umpire

10u One Umpire

12u One Umpire

14u Two Umpires

16u/HS Two Umpires


The following types of softball will be used during the fall ball season:

8u 10” Worth RIF or Diamond RIF softball’s

10u 11” Worth RIF Mid-seam or Diamond RIF softball’s

All other divisions 12” Dudley or Worth softball


Home team is responsible for the providing a new game softball. Visiting team will provide a used softball, which is in
good condition.

Teams who play double-headers will each be the designated home team once during the double-header.


Canceled Games


Each league is responsible for canceling any no-show game that needs to be cancelled. Contact must be made by
Thursday @ 6pm to inform a cancellation of the scheduled game on Saturday. Contact must be received and confirmed.
Please do not leave a message.




Umpires will have zero tolerance towards abusive language, gestures, or actions of unsportsmanlike conduct by
managers, coaches, players, relatives or other spectators. It is the manager’s responsibility to correct these actions
immediately. Any person or persons ejected from the game will not be permitted to return for the remainder of the game
AND the following scheduled game.


General Rules


The official rules of play will be the current A.S.A. rules with the current modifications.

Base-paths/Pitching distances will be:


8u 60 feet 30 feet

10u 60 feet 35 feet

12u, 14u 40 feet

HS 60 feet


Prior to each game, the manager will submit to the official scorekeeper and the opposing manager a complete roster line-
up for the girls that are present and eligible to play that day. Each girl on the roster will bat continuously in the order


Nine players will constitute a team. However a minimum of seven (7) players may start or continue a game in the 10u
through HS division. Eight players may start or continue a game in the 8u division.

Nine players will play defense (10 players in the 8u divisions) at a time unless only 7 or 8 players are available. No
players will sit out two (2) consecutive defensive innings. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If a team is short-handed they can pick up to three (3) rostered players from one of their other league rostered teams. An
8u team may pick up to four (4) rostered players. Does not apply to end of season tournament. Rosters must be locked by
the 5th playing week of the season and turned into FVGFS.


The pick-up player(s) must:

. Not be a pitcher or a catcher.
. Be inserted in the batting line-up starting after the last rostered regular team player.
. Play defensively in the outfield only.


Round robin batting and free substitution will be used in all divisions, in all games, including tournaments.


Home team will be considered the official scorekeeper and is responsible to keep the official score in their team



Remember: Fall Ball is instructional, with the exception of the tournaments. There is no place to put the official scorebook
to track the game as it is played and is to be used as an instructional tool for the games that have been played.


Regulation Game


If a game is called in less than (7) innings, four (4) complete innings shall constitute a regulation game. There will be no
officially scheduled game make-up games during the 10 weeks of season play.




Players must wear their league-approved uniform. All players must wear rubber-cleated shoes. Batters must wear a
batting helmet with a permanently mounted face guard with a chinstrap. For their safety, players with long hair must keep
it pulled back in a ponytail or braids.


Jewelry shall not be worn during a practice or game. This includes body piercing of any kind.


Bats must not be on the current ASA Banned bat list. The current approved and non-approved list can be found at


Game Time and Limit


In the 10u, 12u, 14u, and High School division no new inning will start after one (1) hour and twenty (20) minutes of
play, with a one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes drop dead game. A new inning starts when the third out is recorded in the
previous inning.


8u games time limit will be one seven (7) inning game, or a one (1) hour forty-five (45) drop dead game.


Forfeit time shall be fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled game time.


Tie Game


In the event of a tie game, the international tie breaker (ITB) rule will go into effect if there is time remaining in the game. If
no time is remaining, the game will end in a tie.


Mercy Rule


The game shall be considered a mercy game, and will be called and considered complete, if a team is ahead by the

Fifteen (15) runs after three (3) complete innings, or

Twelve (12) runs after four (4) complete innings, or

Eight (8) runs after five (5) complete innings.


Pitching Outs


Physical pitching outs for the 10 week season will be limited to the following:


8u division: no player may pitch more than twelve (12) physical outs per game


10u division: no player may pitch more that twenty-one (21) physical outs per week.


12u division: no player may pitch more than twenty-one (21) physical outs per week.


14u division: there are no pitching restrictions.


High School division: there are no pitching restrictions.



Courtesy Runners


Courtesy runners will be allowed for pitchers and catchers at any time. The team member who was the “last out” before
the pitcher or catcher’s turn at bat will be the courtesy runner. If the last out is on base or at bat, or the last out is the
pitcher or catcher, the next available player in the lineup will become the courtesy runner.


Run Limit


There are no run limitations in 14U.


10U and 12U teams will be limited to five (5) runs scored for the 1st three (3) innings of a game. 4th inning, and every
inning thereafter, until the conclusion of the game, runs scored is unlimited.


8U teams will be limited to four (4) runs scored for the 1st four (4) innings of the game. 4th Inning, and every inning
thereafter, until the conclusion of the game, runs scored is unlimited. See 8U rules.


8u Rules


Infield fly rules will not be used.


Home plate is closed


..A runner from third base may not score on an overthrow from the catcher to the pitcher.


..A runner on third base may not score on a passed ball by the catcher.


..A runner who is on third base will be awarded home if the ball goes out of play on a throw to the base from the catcher
or on a illegal pitch.


No player may pitch more than 12 outs per week.


No batter may advance to first base on a third strike that is not held by the catcher.


A base runner may only steal one base per pitch. Players may not leave or attempt to steal a base until the ball has left
the pitcher’s hand. Any player leaving the base prior to the ball, in the umpire’s judgment, will be called out.


Ten (10) players will play on defense. The tenth player will be an outfielder, and will be positioned no closer than ten (10)
feet from the baseline.


No player except the pitcher or catcher shall start in a defensive position closer than 25 feet to home plate, measured
from the front side of the plate anywhere between the 3rd baseline and the 1st baseline.


There are no walks in the 8u division.


..The play shall become dead immediately when the umpire calls the fourth ball. Any base runner attempting to advance
by stealing will be returned to the base, which was held prior to ball four.

..If a batter receives four (4) balls from the opposing pitcher, the coach or adult designated pitcher (C/AP) will pitcher to
the batter.

..The C/AP must pitch from the pitcher’s mound.

..The C/AP will assume the count and pitch to the batter and the umpire will rule on each pitch utilizing the strike zone.

A limit of five (5) pitches from the C/AP to the batter will be allowed until a ball is hit fair, or the umpire calls out the

batter on strikes. If the 5th, or any pitch after that, from the C/AP is a batted foul ball, then pitches will continue until a

ball is hit fair, or the batter is called out on strikes. Any pitch after that, which is not swung at, will be considered a

strike, and the batter will be called out.


..No batter will be awarded a base on balls.

..No bunting is allowed when the C/AP is pitching to the batter.

..Players may not steal a base when the C/AP is pitching to the batter.

..If a ball pitched by the C/AP hits the batter, the batter will continue her at bat, and will not be awarded 1st base.

..If the C/AP is hit by a batted or thrown ball, or in the judgment of the umpire, interferes with any player attempting to

field any fair or foul ball, the ball will be declared dead. The batter will be out, and all base runners will be returned to

the base they held prior to the time the ball was pitched.



Remember that the fall ball season is primarily an instructional league. There are two (2)
tournaments at the beginning and end where managers and coaches are encouraged to play
competitive softball. During the 10-week Saturday play season, managers and coaches are
requested to emphasize instruction over competitive softball.