Long Beach Heartwell Fastpitch

Long Beach Heartwell Fastpitch

2016 Spring League Playing & Operating Rules

For the 6u Division


Long Beach Heartwell Fastpitch will abide by the ASA 2011 Official Rules of Softball as it applies to the 6U Division, with the following exceptions and modifications specified in these League Playing & Operating Rules for LBHFP:



The goal of the game is to let the players have fun while learning basic softball concepts and developing their skills. 6U rules will be strictly followed so a structured game can be played.
I.          6U RULES.


1.         The 6U Field will have the bases placed 60 feet apart.  The pitcher’s plate will be 30 feet from the home plate. 

2.         Only coaches who have been approved by the board may be on the playing field during the game.

3.         Games will be a minimum of 3 innings & a maximum of 4 innings or the time limit. No new inning can be started if your game will carry into the next scheduled teams time slot or the Drop Dead Time Limit of 1:15 has been reached.

4.         10 Players will be on the field, during a defensive half inning (not an option, but always unless not enough players to field the 10th player). The defensive alignment shall consist of an infield player at each of the following positions: pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, third base and shortstop. The outfield alignment will include an outfielder in the left, left center, right center and right field positions.

5.         On Offense: 5 players or half of the team, whichever is greater, will bat.  After the fifth batter bats and runs the bases and after play has stopped, the inning is over and the team will take the field in defensive positions.

6.         The last batter will have the option to run around the bases.

8.         Soft safety balls will be used at all times.
9.         The visiting team will occupy the first base dugout and bat first.
10.       A coach or parent must remain in the dugout at all times.
11.       Players must be rotated during each game and each inning. Managers must assure that every player plays at least 1 inning in the infield.

12.       No player shall play the same position in the field for more than 2 innings in any game.
13.       There is no infield fly rule.  All balls hit must be fielded.

14.       A ball that is hit in the outfield must be fielded by an outfielder.  Outfielders cannot make an out by tagging a runner or stepping on a base.
15.       Home team will set-up the field & visitors will put away gear/lock fields.

16.       Defensive coaches are permitted on the field to instruct, however, no timeouts will be granted for instruction.  Defensive coaches are not permitted to touch a live ball or physically assist a player.

17.       Offensive coaches are positioned on the pitching mound during coach pitch, well behind home plate to back up the child catcher, and at first and third base.  Coaches are not permitted to touch the base runners.
18.       ONLY ONE PITCHER IS ALLOWED!  Prior to the pitch, the player, who is in the pitching position, is to stand either to the right or left of the coach during coach pitch.  When the Player Pitcher pitches, or when the batter is hitting off the Tee, the Player Pitcher will be standing on the pitcher’s plate.
19.       Coaches must not yell negatively at players.
20.       If a team is unable to field seven players on defense they can draw from the offensive team.
21.       No bunting on the tee.
22.       Infielders are to be instructed not to position themselves where they will interfere with the base runners.
23.       1st half of Season, runners are not put out or called out for any reason.
24.       Base hits that find the gaps in the outfield can be ran as doubles for hitters.
25.       No extra base running for throwing errors. We don’t want the games to drag on or discourage fielders from throwing the ball.
26.       No strike-outs. 1st half of the season coach pitch allowing for 3 pitches, if the 3rd pitch is fowled a 4th pitch is allowed, then the Batting Tee is mandatory.
27.       ON deck batters are allowed with adult supervision, but must remain in the batter’s circle until the player at bat has completed her turn.
28.       Stealing is not allowed.

29.       No runners will be called out on plays made on them during the 1st half of the Season.
30.       The Batting Tee must be set straight up in a vertical position; not slanted.
31.       The home plate umpire (usually the at-bat team coach) will remove the tee from the plate after each batter so base runners can advance home safely.
32.       All infielders must play a minimum of 35 feet away from home plate before the ball is hit (except the pitcher and catcher). There is to be no more than 7 players in the infield before the ball is hit & everyone must be behind the mound.
33.       FIRST HALF: HIT BY PITCH for 6U: "THE BATTER BECOMES A RUNNER When a pitched ball not swung at nor called a strike touches any part of the batter's person including the hands or clothing.
EFFECT: Dead ball, the batter is entitled to one first base without liability to be put out.
NOTE: The batter's hands are not part of the bat."

Reference:  ASA Rule Book, Rule 8.1.F, without the exception rule.



II.        Second Half of the Season:


  1. All teams will field a catcher in the second half of the season who will wear full gear and stand at the backstop until the ball is hit


  1. No strike-outs.  2nd half will be player pitching 3 pitches, then coach pitch allowing for 3 pitches, if the 3rd pitch is fowled a 4th pitch is allowed then the Batting Tee is mandatory.  (Note: If the batter hits a fair ball during Player Pitch, Coach Pitch, or off the Batting Tee, then she gets to run to the base.)


  1. The team on Offense will be allowed to bat 5 batters, with the 5th (last) batter being allowed to run around all of the bases until play is made on him or the ball is returned to the infield.  Or, the Defense is able to get 3 outs before the 5th batter scores.


  1. When runners are out, they must leave the base and go back to the dugout.


  1. The coach at the home plate position while on offense will act as umpire and officiate the game


  1. All ties and close calls are awarded to the offense.


  1. HIT BY PITCH: Batters must make an attempt to avoid any pitched ball by player, batter will not be awarded 1st base if no attempt is made to avoid pitched ball by player (umpire coach’s judgment).  Reference:  ASA Rule Book, Rule 8.1.F